Justins' House of Bourbon

Meet the Owners

Justin Sloan | Justin Thompson

It was bourbon that led to the friendship of Justins’ House of Bourbon owners, Justin Sloan and Justin Thompson, and after a change in a Kentucky law that bourbon friendship blossomed into a growing bourbon business.

Justin Sloan and Justin Thompson started collecting bourbon well over 10 years ago. Justin Thompson, along with his brother and a couple of his fraternity brothers, started the bourbon magazine The Bourbon Review in 2008. It was then that he began building his bourbon collection and learning the ins and outs of the industry. He continued a career in the bourbon when he helped open a bourbon bar, Belle’s Cocktail House, in downtown Lexington in 2015 and is currently a co-owner. Meanwhile, Justin Sloan was amassing a very impressive bourbon collection of his own and was curating rare and remarkable collections for several private clients.


Brian Booth

General Manager

Brian has been with us from the beginning. He is always a customer favorite and his enthusiasm for bourbon is unmatched


Caroline Paulus

Whiskey Historian

Caroline has been with us from the beginning and being the Digital Editor for The Bourbon Review she knows her bourbon old and new

Travis Hill

Louisville Store Manager

Travis moved to Kentucky to pursue a career in his passion Bourbon. He leads our team in Louisville and is a Four Roses fanatic
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Ryan Alves

Lexington Store Manager

Ryan leads our Lexington team and being from Lawrenceburg its only fitting he is one of the countries top experts in Wild Turkey vintage bottles.